ATTN: Everyone on

Although I have only created an account an hour ago and changed nameservers for domain to this service. I am stuck and can’t delete. Though I am in the process of reverting back to registrars name servers.

With that in mind it would appear the domain does not resolve properly. I will of course immediately be looking elsewhere for hosting. How dare you let people as their own domains and then not be able to control them?
The hell is wrong with this company trying to hijack peoples real domains. And can’t even delete own account or remove domain or move domain elsewhere because says in use.

Why??? Because can’t access the fn control panel. Fix this Now

What’s wrong with this company is a poor choice in domain registrars. It looks like our domain name was taken down by our registrar. We’re working hard to get the domain name back online. Unfortunately, domain name registration requires complete trust in a domain registrar (which in our case was misplaced), so we’re at their mercy to fix this issue.

Some workarounds are available here:


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