ATTENTION: Hosting System Administrator

Username: epiz_26631413 Website URL:

I bring to your attention the following issue which affects not only me, but all the users in here.

OpenCart cannot be installed properly with Softaculous Automatic Installer from CP because of the following reasons:

  1. It is impossible to upload the opencart zip package to the file manager.

  2. The data directory is being created outside the public_html/htdocs folder which do not have writable permission by the open_basedir by default due to which I am facing this error.

You are kindly requested to make the data directory accessible outisde htdocs so that I and anybody else trying to install apps through Softaculous wont face this issue.

Thanks for your understanding,


Sorry, but we cannot allow files outside the htdocs/public_html folder. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s for security reasons. There are many other alternatives that you can check in Softaculous.

Hmmm… I think InfinityFree dont allow any folders/files outside htdocs because:

  1. This is a shared hosting with a lot of websites hosted
  2. It is easy to stop a defective/malicious/destructive scripts when its inside your own individual storages
  3. To prevent malicious/destructive codes from infecting/destroying other websites

OpenCart is not allowed in this hosting as it tries to access the Base Directory which is strictly forbidden as it would allow users to access other user’s websites. InfinityFree does not make Softaculas, meaning we cannot strictly control what is available on there.

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102% For security reasons, it’s like saying, here, go read /etc/shadow, or here, go view that persons file. Which openbasedir controls.

Technically, IFastNet have to control to remove software from their softaclous, I don’t know why they haven’t, seen as you can’t use it.

That’s a good point :thinking: iFastNet controls everything :confused: Maybe that’s a job for the Admin to ask iFastNet to remove things like OpenCart from their Softaculas…

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