Astra Starter Template Import Process Interrupted

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Import Process Interrupted

Your website is facing a temporary issue in connecting to template server.

Import Failed !

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I’m facing an issue while importing template using a ‘Starter Templates’ plugin on my WordPress installation.

Related article says it might be server error and asks me to reach out to the server administration/hosting provider to fix this issue.

Can you please take a look. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank You!

Navneet Kumar

Hhmm, a same topic ahh…

It might gettting corrupted or error if the theme is bigger than the upload limit size which you can’t upload a files bigger than 10MB.

I highly suggest you to manually install or upload your astra theme(plate) by FTP manager and then just activate it on dashboard after uploading. Your theme(plate) must be splitted, so you know.


The template server might be down or the IP address of free hosting servers might be blocked by their firewall.
Had you contacted the support team of your theme regarding this problem?


i have the same problem, i try your solve by ftp manager but the result was the same, import failed.

It may because your files are larger than 10 Megabytes or the fact that you spend so long uploading one file that FTP times out.

Split the downloaded .zip file or the theme and then upload it one by one into a theme directory.

i have not a problem with upload , i have a problem with import.

Had you checked my this reply?
Some possible reasons for that I know I had shared.

This sounds like the template server is down, not a hosting issue.

Sure, it could be a firewalling issue on the client server. But I don’t see any reason why our servers would have such a thing, so the template server having an issue is more likely.

Of course, it might be a sever error. But please double check with the theme developer that the template server isn’t down.

And if it isn’t, could you also ask them where and how this “template server” can be reached so I can actually investigate this?


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