Associate my domain with the google search console

I am finishing the configuration of my web page but I don’t know how to associate my web page with the google search console since I have the domain with another provider and the hosting with InfinityFree. The domain provider informs me that I have to do this configuration in the hosting but I don’t know how to do it since I have to add in the DNS a .TXT file to verify the property of the domain.


Please make sure you are using the correct category. The informal category is not for support requests. I changed it this time, but please chose the correct one in the future.

You can add TXT records in the SPF section in the control panel.


I will take this into account for the next time I check the category.

what i have not yet been able to find out is if adding the code you are giving me in the google search console will work. has anyone done this before?

To verify your site with Google, you can choose the DNS option.

I have done it myself, and so have many others. Google verification works here


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