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how do i remove one of my websites so i can replace with another site?

You can remove a domain/subdomain under the “Addon Domains”, “Parked Domains” or “Subdomains” section(s) of the Control Panel, and in this/these same section(s) you can add the other domain/subdomain. Remember that, if you’re going to add a custom domain into your hosting account, the domain MUST be pointed to these nameservers:


else you won’t be able to add it onto the hosting account. For subdomains there is no need to do so.

If you want to delete one of your websites’ files instead, you can easily do it by using the Online File Manager and deleting all the files of your domain/subdomain’s htdocs folder.


i mean how do i delete a domain inside my Your Accounts im using 3/3 right now i need 1 free

Select the account → edit settings → delete

Unless admin configured those (if he did, I missed the memo), it should be ns1/

Admin configured Byet’s nameservers on their subdomains, which are equal to Epizy’s nameservers functionally - they work the same. Also, he changed the nameservers on most KB articles, as it seems like those nameservers point to the same IPs as the Epizy or Byet nameservers.


I tried to update my nameservers to however the hosting company told me the namesevers where invalid…even after i insisted I was reading directly from the instructions. … so after i went in my account later to manually update the ns, and i was only able to use and …my question is …will those work or do i need to find a way to get the nameservers entered for my domain? i did noticed someone mentioned that they point to the same address, so it shouldn’t matter correct?

update: I confirmed that the nameservers are connected to infinity free using ns1/, however it looks like the account creation tool is looking for ns1/
to get around this , i was able to add the domain into an existing account using cpanel. new creation was not possible with the new account creation tool.

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The and nameservers should work all the same. If the account creation process doesn’t accept them, that’s an issue that needs to be fixed.

You can also use the nameservers instead, those also point to the same servers, and should pass all validation.


It seems that the account creation doesn’t accept them, currently, as there’s another thread for the same issue:

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