Assistance Needed Connecting Domain from Cloudflare to InfinityFree

I have successfully set up my domain on Cloudflare and updated the nameservers as instructed, but I am facing difficulties in establishing the connection between Cloudflare and InfinityFree.
Could you kindly provide guidance or assistance in ensuring the proper configuration and connection between Cloudflare and InfinityFree for my domain? Any specific instructions or troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated.

Please follow this guide

This should help as well


Hi vedansh,

A recent update allows you to connect your domain without moving nameservers (propagation takes ages), you may instead create an addon domain using the CNAME method. You can find this information in the Documentation as well.

In case you have already moved nameservers (to where?), try creating the CNAME record if that’s not at InfinityFree.

Hint: Providing your domain helps us troubleshoot the issue more quickly as we can tell you which records are missing.



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