Assigned IP address fails to bring up my site

infinityfree assigned IP address fails to bring up my site!?

this ip was assigned to me:
and it fails to bring up anything.

however, this worls:

where can u find the appropriate ip address please?

thank you all,

Please look it up from the client area

Take note

As this is shared free hosting, your website can only be accessed via domain/subdomain name, not through IP

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You cannot view your website by accessing the IP address directly. Every IP address hosts a large number of websites (IP addresses are way too scarce and expensive to give every site a dedicated IP address), so the server has no way to know which site you’re trying to access if you navigate directly to the IP address.

If you want to see your site before the DNS has updated, you can do so by editing the hosts file on your computer to point your domain to your website IP.


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