As mudanas do CSS no so aplicadas no site

boa tarde, sou o desenvolvedor do site e estou tendo problemas pra aplicar o estilo css do texto “O que h na verso beta?”, o servidor no aplica as mudanas que fiz no cdigo css, e isso j tem mais de 5 horas que foi alterado, e ainda nada, se puderem me ajudar, eu agradeceria

@EtelgPass said:
Good afternoon, I am the developer of the site and am having problems to apply the css style of the text “What is in the beta?”, the server does not apply the changes I made in the css code, and this already has more than 5 hours has been changed, and still nothing, if you can help me, I would appreciate

Welcome to InfinityFree! We’re happy to help you here. But, as you’ve probably already noticed, this is an English language forum. So please write your messages in English.

I see your website is using Cloudflare. Cloudflare’s “performance optimization” primarily involve a lot of caching, so changes to your website are not visible immediately. To fix this, you can purge your website’s cache through Cloudflare’s website or enable Development Mode while developing, which disabled the cache for some time.