Are we allowed to use the wordpress multisite feature?

Does infinityfree support this feature?

No, I am not making a site for anyone else, but me.
No, I am not gonna use the feature for business purposes.

The reason why I want to use multifeature is so that I won’t have to re install wordpress, wordpress themes, and wordpress plugins everytime I am going to make a website because I am planning to make 7 different websites and soon I might make even more.

I don’t see why not. Just remember you are only allowed 3 accounts at once. However, you can host as many domains/sites on an account as you want. As for if it’s supported; I have no clue but I imagine it would be.

No, I don’t think that this is illegal, atleast according to the InfinityFree TOS. However only @Admin can entirely confirm that.

However keep in mind that you are only allowed to have 3 accouns at same time. Of course you can host multiple domains / sites on all your accounts, but there are limits like iNode limit and other limits.


Exactly! Also with WordPress, you might need to be concerned with CPU usage limits for the account. Especially if you have multiple sites on the same account. You could, however, split the WordPress sites across two accounts and then use one account strictly for media hosting. That would help balance out the iNodes. Still, your main concern would CPU limits. If you don’t plan on getting less than 100 visitors a day on each site and don’t go overboard with plugins you should be okay.

That being said, if you got a premium account you could host all the sites on a single account and not have to worry about anything.

Wordpress Multisite is not banned, however hosting multiple sites on an account does increase the risk of hitting resource limits. So I would not recommend to do it.

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Resource limits? I thought INFINITY for FREE offers unlimited everything?


There are few resource limits like iNode limit and others. But please understand that nothing is unlimited in this world. Our servers would run out of space if we allowed storing how many files you want on them. And our hosting is not for file sharing/storing purposes. InfinityFree is for static websites or blogs, but not for huge sites that store alot of files that normal website wouldn’t.

If you are not planning to use our hosting to host extremely big file sharing website (which is against our ToS) you shouldn’t run into any of those limits.

If you have any other questions or concerns do not be afraid to ask for help.