Are we Allowed to put MyBB in this Hosting?


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Hello, i wanted to ask, does this Hosting Site Allowed making MyBB Software to make an Forum System for an Server?
We do have currently a Server with almost 10k Members and probally 4k Users Visit this Site per Day { Forum }. But min. members are atleast 20 per Day and Max. 1k per Day or more can be possible. and also yeah. MyBB is a very good Forum Software to make an Forum and i wanted to know, if we aren’t breaking any of Rules aka. ToS? For Safety!

Thank you very much, great Hosting-Site

DJMahirNationTV / luxurydz !

Your account will get suspended in few hours after launch. For higher load sites, use premium hosting.


You are free to install any script unless it is against the TOS. MyBB is available on Softaculous, so you can install it without worries. You might get suspended if you look at the statistics you shared (1k per/day). I recommend premium hosting. Also, MyBB looks like a 1980s design, try Flarum for instance. Have a nice day!


So that means,
if i buy " Super Premium " and then i am able to host aka. unmited Visitors / Unlimited clicks / hits per day?
on MyBB ?

Thank you!

that also comes with a reasonable use policy.

starter plan is also feasible. It’s your choice and budget.


where can i find the Policy?
i just wanted ti know, that myBB is Allowed.

Software: MyBB
Theme will be made byself
Plugins: ( Social Login ) [1] only 1 Plugin
Visitors / members: 10.000

Does this List breaking any of the Policy?

and i will buy Super Premium, if MyBB is Fully allowed.

Thank you Bhai jai Krishna!

You got me wrong. Reasonable policy means reasonable use of server resources. MyBB is indeed allowed! Enjoy


No hosting in the world can support unlimited traffic. Even companies like Google and Facebook, with many dozens of datacenters around the world, cannot handle unlimited traffic. It’s physically impossible. But in general, the bigger hosting you get, the more traffic your site will be able to handle.

And it’s impossible to predict exactly how much traffic a specific site will be able to receive on specific hosting.

But 4k visitors per day is a very busy site. It seems unreal to me. And having 40% of all members visit your website every day is extremely high as well.

Where and how have you been hosting your site before? And how well did that work? That information can help us make a more educated guess on what kind of hosting you’d need.

And if this is a new site where you hope it will have 4k visitors per day, then I would recommend against buying hosting for 4k visitors per day at this stage. You could also just start out with our free hosting, and upgrade later on as the traffic increases. Buying hosting for 4k visitors when you have 0 visitors seems like a waste of money to me.

If this is the question, then the answer is yes. You can host MyBB here.


Not even can handle unlimited vistors.

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Screenshot of website:

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