Are .vpk files forbidden

Hi There,

Are file names with .vpk forbidden ? These are game maps for L4D as i was planning on doing a site regarding the game. They are not the same as .exe

Many Thanks.

Considering that InfinityFree is meant for website hosting only, probably not. Use an external service like DropBox instead.


Kind of hard considering when the game is telling you at the menu when you are looking to play that map, it contains the mapinfo link within the addinfo.txt file inside it. Now dropbox would change the link everytime i uploaded it, rendering the download useless and pointless.

Any other ideas ?

The hosting does not allow offering file downloads, as mentioned in section 11.
If you can familiarize yourself with GitHub, creating a GitHub repository and storing the file there (especially if you plan on updating it) can work, since the download URL remains the same provided the file name remains the same.


Is paid hosting exactly the same ?

There are different uses for premium hosting, but you’ll want to read the terms to ensure that you can do that.


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