Are there any forbidden file extensions to store?

I wanted to share my theme on my forum. Anyway, to achieve this I need to allow file upload files except image files.

I may do this with few characters of code, but what file extensions are allowed on İnfinityFree? Or even is file sharing allowed in İnfinityFree?

Extensions I’ll allow to upload: jpg, png, webp, zip, tar, tar.gz, txt

Are those ok?

The only ones I know of are .exe and .pdf.
However, I’m not sure if you’d want to store archives (zip, tar, xz, bz2) because of the 10MB limit.


infinityfree is only for website hosting, filesharing is not allowed

although you could upload the files to google drive and put links to these on your website, that will be allowed


Are images not allowed too? I’ll need to store images on image hosting then.

They are small theme files. Bellow 1 MB. Shouldn’t be a problem except inode IMO.

well … image sharing isnt allowed but if you had say a gallery page displaying the images and visitors were to save image as … im guessing thats only bending the rules a bit :rofl:

basically anything uploaded to infinityfree must be content for the website


im sure the mods and/or admin will be able to advise you on this


Yep, they are actually. At least in my opinion.

Anyway, I can move them outside of hosting directory if it’s not allowed.

@Admin Looking forward for your reply. I don’t want to see my account got erased one morning.

Just remember that you are responsible for anything that is uploaded, so if someone uploads something that breaks ToS (obscene imagery or malware, for example) and Ifastnet or Admin gets word of it, your website could very well be taken down.

I would think that image uploads for forum content is allowed as it is an immediate consumable asset, as opposed to themes, which are hosted until a user clicks to download them and use them outside of the website.

Either way, it would be best to use an external hosting service for these things, as not only do you probably get better optimized servers for file hosting, but you also free up a lot of space on your IF account.

Wouldn’t hurt to review uploads before allowing them and/or adding a filter system, too!


File sharing sites and image uploading sites are not allowed. Having file/image upload functionality is fine, as long as the functionality exists to support the main purpose of the site (such as profile pictures on a forum), as opposed to being the main purpose of the site (e.g. image uploading sites). Also disk space usage and bandwidth usage should be reasonable.

If you’re looking to offer download functionality on your site, I suggest to upload the downloadable files to a file sharing site and just linking to it. I don’t see any technical reason why they have to be uploaded to your hosting account, and plenty of reasons not to do so, even if it’s just to be on the safe side of the rules.

Rest assured, we won’t just delete your files if your break the rules. At worst, your account will be suspended, but even then I suspect it could just be reactivated so long as you remove the downloadable files.


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