Are Premium Hosting Subscribers exempted to the Following?

I Am planning to buy the premium hosting, I don’t know when but I will definitely buy the premium hosting,
Before it will happen I want to make sure there are no restrictions or anything…
So are the premium hosting exempted to the following:
-Proxy scripts
-Chat scripts
-Bitcoin / cryptocurrency faucet sites
-File sharing / file storage scripts
-Autolike scripts
-Hacking scripts / PHP shell scripts
-Mass mail scripts
-Website scraping/crawling/downloading scripts
-Cracked/pirated content of any kind
And BTW does premium hosting have innodes limit?

Have a look at this:

and btw, uploading content that you don’t own is forbidden and companies can/will issue a DMCA take down notice. And phishing isn’t allowed either has it’s illegal to steal other people’s information. Any pirated content found may land you in court! or with suspended account has that’s illegal too.

Everything on that list will get your account suspended, you should read the “terms and condition” Terms of Service - InfinityFree

Well, anything illegal (like pirated content and phishing) are forbidden on all hosting providers except for the few located in lawless countries so they can specialize in hosting illegal sites.

For the rest, you should contact iFastNet yourself. This is the InfinityFree forum, you can’t get support for services other than InfinityFree here.