Are artistic pictures of women butts allowed?

I want to create a web and host it in infinityfree. It will show women butts, as it does Instagram, for example. Women wearing shorts, thongs, panties, etc. Are artistic pictures of women butts allowed?

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Is that by permission of owners of that pics? If yes you can just link to them, i do not recommend to embed the images in your site directly.

And for why are you going to do that? porno and sexual purposes or any other purpose? Please note we do not allow any porno/adult content hosted by us, content must be suitable for every ages or at least +13 friendly.


Yes, it will be with the permission of the owners. I am going to do it because I am a philanthropist. And, by the way, a picture of a woman’s ass is not porn. There are not sexual acts in the pictures. This is why I asking that question, because I want to be sure befire I do it. Why is it not recommended to embed the images in the site directly?

When we say “porn”, we mean all kinds of porn. Not just harcore porn containing extreme sexual activities, but also softcore porn like pictures of nude or scantily dressed people. I don’t agree that a picture of an ass is not porn. And of course, there is a sliding scale between art and porn.

So is it officially allowed? Not necessarily, it’s hard to say without seeing the site. Will you get in trouble if you upload it? Probably not. The pornography rules are not enforced very tightly, they are mostly a legal stick we can use to beat actually harmful content.


It is, although it isn’t a sexual activity between two or multiple people but however it is still sexually attractive, Instagram is already a nasty place even if it doesn’t allow NSFW.

Well, does it mean i probably won’t get into any trouble if i put full version of that gif on my home page? :grin:


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