Are all the nameservers up and running right now?

Hi support team!
Could you please check if the name server “” and “” are running? I am not able to reach any of those. From the other nameservers only and are reachable (via ping).
I’m trying to configure the nameservers in godaddy domain control panel right now. But it seems like godaddy is not willing to accept the nameservers - and I think it might has something to do with the fact that both nameservers are not “pingable”

Many thanks!
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I just checked it and all nameservers seem to be working fine from here, both and as well as are working fine from here.

If you are still experiencing problems, you could probably use only ns3, ns4 and All five nameservers ( and are aliases for ns1 and return the same records, so using any subset of nameservers should be fine too.