So a while ago (3 months) i installed Arc on my Website
For one whole day it work
Infinityfree had a downtime
Since then
It never worked again
The Question remains
Is not allowed or is just a bug or something like that!

Hi there,
Do you know informal is?
This category is only for ChitChat and not support.

And can you give us the website url so that we can check?

It’s still working for me.

What is your website URL?

I wasn’t really asking for help
But im sorry

How are you using ARC, Through HTML? An add-on?

I see an error in Console.

Wordpress plugin

There is no service worker on ur website. Plugin fail?


Arc won’t work if the service worker isn’t hosted in the domain’s root directory. If the plugin won’t work try re-installing it or do it with the manual way


I have reinstalled it several times
Im not sure how to do it Manually as i dont find any Videos or documentations

Upload the plugin via ftp…

Download and add it to the root directory of your domain


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