API Question

Hey there,
thanks for taking the time to answer my question if you can.

• I’m wondering if there’s an InfinityFree API, and if so, where is the documentation.
• I would need the API to be able to create a directory & upload files… is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

There’s no API for infinityfree afaik, most of things can be done with even pure php coding, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Again, there’re some php codes that they can do it without requiring any API (google search has plenty of them.), but i’m going to aware you that file hosting/sharing is not allowed.

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Hey thanks for the reply, and don’t worry its not hosting / sharing, it was just for development sake.

We don’t have any API at this time. However, if you just want to upload files programmatically, you could use FTP from your software instead and upload files that way.

But I would like to remind you that our FTP service is for website administration purposes only. You’re not allowed to use it for any kind of automated bulk upload activity (IP cameras uploading images is a common example).


You could use PHP Ftp?

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