Apache2 problem for CMS


The URL of my website is huntyria.ml

What I see is:
URL rewrite - .htaccess enabled → NO
Try typing sudo a2enmod rewrite in an SSH command prompt.

Add these lines:

<Directory “/ var / www / html”>
AllowOverride All
</ Directory>

between the tags, in the apache2 configuration file located here /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf

I use this CMS: Mineweb
I use this FTP: WinSCP

Thank you for helping me

Shell scripts and shell commands are disabled for security reasons
any kind of shell access is blocked

Nor do you have permission to configure the server

But you can creating .htaccess file inside the htdocs folder that will run the URL RW
Check well it code and that is located inside htdocs

If your scripts tries to write outside htdocs:
Scripts can only write to the htdocs directories they are in. Any directories outside the htdocs dir cannot be written - due to the open_basedir restriction

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