Apache and PHP settings

Hi guys,

In order to run my app, I need to change the Apache server and PHP settings. How do I do that on the infinityFree, please?

Below are my required settings:

  1. Apache server settings
    ->Enable rewrite module
    ->Give read-write access (755) for the below listed folders
    a. application-root-folder/protected/runtime
    b. application-root-folder/assets
    c. application-root-folder/protected/config

  2. PHP settings
    ->Enable pdo_mysql extension
    ->Enable curl extension
    ->Set max_execution_time = 3000 ms in php.ini
    ->Set post_max_size = 8 MB in php.ini
    ->Set upload_max_filesize = 20 MB in php.ini

Please check the PHP info page in your control panel, you can see the current server settings there. In it, you can also see that most of the settings are already set correctly by default. The only exception is that the upload_max_filesize is 10 MB, which cannot be increased.