Anyone wants to buy

Can you please buy and gift this domain?{Sale ends by October 11,2020}

I had to chat with Namecheap for 70 hours to reduce the price from ∞ to $10000000.
And they agreed to reduce the price for a limited time.(Seems like Admin also agreed.)

I am too poor to afford this domain :sob:

I worked hard with NC to reduce the price of this wonderful domain,Please buy before the sale ends.

Unique link for buying the domain"Sale ends soon,Grab it now"

The whole topic is not true. @Admin will never sell the domain! I was a bit bored,so I thought to make a topic for chatting
and again this topic is just a joke,


Should i summon Bill Gates for buying that domain?



Try summoning MR Beast…

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I’ll summon Hideki Kamiya instead.

BTW I calculated a bit, %10000 reduce from infinity is Minus Infinity x 9900, it means to buy that domain, Namecheap has to pay for us that much to also give that domain to us, lmao.



How sad that i don’t hate math.
( if i was hating it, then i’d never pick up coding and AI developing)

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I think most people will be trying to wave a skip card in your face :joy:
I mean, i’ll pay £6.14 on Freenom…

This isn’t possible, because there will be a conflict between the existing domain and that one. This is certainly a trick. (Yes I’m aware, but if a domain is on sale or can be bought, just make sure to check)

6.14? I’ve got £3.19 on porkbun

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Oh rip… Never knew that existed :joy:

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