Any website builders that let me just get the html code?

Been looking for a website designer like wix or something. That lets me design the website I want, and just copy and paste the source code to my site. Without needing to pay for some advertisements to get removed.

Why can’t you try wordpress?


BootStrap Studio?(PAID)

Or start with a template?
Or use a CMS like @anon12237952 suggested.


copy/paste wix code, and ctl+f the code for the add, and delete that code

The thing with going this route is that the code generated by website builders tends to be quite a mess. After all, it doesn’t need to be pretty, it just needs to work, because most people using website builders use website builders because they don’t want to code themselves.

An HTML template on the other hand is intended to be edited by hand. And there are many more HTML templates available on the web than there are builders or builder templates.


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