Any remaining free domain registrars?

So, recently, Freenom’s new domain registering was completely turned off. This also includes Dot.TK and all sites hosted by Freenom. Are there any free alternatives?

Before you reply (!!!)

If you are gonna say “Buy a domain instead” don’t even comment.

Most services will accept like a regular domain. You can register at, or you can use for some subdomains.


Check out one of these

That is a video I made

FreeDNS and EU.ORG are the only ones that still exist. There used to be more, but they have all gone out of business.

I think it’s just really hard to provider free domain names. Free services get abused a lot, and unlike with web hosting where it’s possible to proactively stop abuse by monitoring the contents of the websites, it’s hard to keep that under control with domain names. And monetization is hard as well. Whereas with free web hosting it’s feasible to offer people upgrades to paid packages, nobody wants to pay for a subdomain when they can just pay for a “real” domain instead.

Freenom is more or less doing this, but I think their current situation paints a quite clear picture about how well this is working for them. And and are more grassroots idealistic offers, not really businesses.


There are also some free subdomain providers on GitHub, but you have to wait to register



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