Any help with 95% installation process

Any help will be gratful

Sure, what do you need? A picture can tell more than a thousand words, but some words about the issue you’re facing and what kind of help you need would help us.


I’m trying to install vanilla forum, but I am stuck at 95%. No response. waited too long without any response. The folder is not empty.
any suggestions to fix the issue? I already clean the database and SQL folder.

any help to fix! the installation get stuck at 95%

Have you tried manual installing?

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I tried (file upload max size 11MB), and the size of the file is larger than the minimum settings on the platform.
Any suggestions!

10mb is the actual limit

Extract installer file locally then upload via ftp (use filezilla)

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ok, I install Filezilla.

File upload failure! Check out the screen shot!

What is the error?
I only see disconnect due to inactivity…

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Every time! I connected to the server and upload the file, I get an error message

Do you? The screenshot shows that 87 transfers were successful.

Please don’t ask the same question in multiple topics.


I tried another free hosting provider and it seems that your server caused the issue( insufficient memory or noueds cause disconnect FileZilla.).
Unable to upload the file from File manager or any FTP provider.
I searched for similar topics and it seems no one works( clean data base or delete or htdocs content).

Unlikely. But it should be noted that our servers have quite an aggressive inactivity timeout - the connection is automatically closed after 20 seconds of inactivity.

That should not interfere with transfers that have already been queued up though.

I’m happy to help, but in your screenshot I don’t see anything unusual. Do you see transfers happening in the bottom panel in FileZilla? Could you right click it and make sure “Process Queue” is selected? And maybe disconnect and reconnect (buttons at the top of the screen) and try again?

For ~95% of the people it works. The remaining ~5% are on hosting volumes that are being migrated. But remember, the majority of people whose hosting just works generally don’t come to the forum to talk about it.

Your account is not affected by the migration by the way. The fact that FileZilla on your device shows a file listing proves this.


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