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Bitdefender antivirus on my work pc. When i try and access anything using the website domain it flags the antivirus as per the image

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Hmm, what anti-virus software are you using? Because this is shared hosting, some anti-viral programs don’t like us :frowning:
It seems to work fine for me with the basic Windows Defender.

I have avast on my personal pc and that flags it as potentially dangerous and locks me out but iv recently switched antivirus so it seems to be fine. My work PC always flags that URL its blocking as antiphishing which IT said either get the host to permanently fix that issue or never go to that site on the work PC again if bitdefender keeps flagging it we may have to permanently block the host as they class it as slightly dodgy activity

Hello and welcome to the forum!

From what I can assume, because it is redirecting to a 404, the software may think the website is suspicious because it is redirecting you to a website of another domain. Also, Infinityfree is a free host, so naturally there may be suspicions.

One thing I recommend is making a custom 404. You can do so by editing your website’s .htaccess (or making it in the first place) and placing this in here:

ErrorDocument 404

If you don’t know how to upload files to your website then you use this tutorial!

Otherwise, it is most likely your firewall going against that certain domain.

Try asking your IT department to change the filters if they can, or at least whitelist


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