Can i make site mining crypto on hosting Infinity Free?
Hope admin answer, thanks!!

If you read the TOS, anything that is crypto related are not allowed on free hosting


Web hosts host websites, not crypto mining programs. IF doesn’t allow crypto mining or anything related to crypto (as it’s a very big target for scammers and can be easily abused).

I don’t think that there will be many web hosts willing to let you use their services to mine crypto, especially as it’s very power consuming in addition to the fact that they built their business around hosting websites.

I’d recommend a VPS or VDS if you want to mine crypto instead of using a service that is optimized for web hosting (as you will likely get better performance from the former two options anyways).


Be sure to check VERY CAREFULLY beforehand whether such activities are allowed. Most VPS hosting providers also prohibit crypto mining, as CPU power on VPS may be oversold and crypto mining uses a lot of it.

It does depend a bit on what you mean by “site mining crypto”. If you’re referring to using a hosting service to mine crypto on the server, that’s a lot more restricted that serving code that mines crypto in the browser. Most hosting providers allow that (since it doesn’t put notable stress on the server), but as we have a full ban on crypto, we don’t allow that either.


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