Another Suspension!

Trying to export and migrate my website to a premium website I bought domain on This driving be f*cking bananas! I hit another SQL usage limit! Someone please help me export the damn thing!

Just follow this guide:

If you buy premium hosting though InfinityFree (iFastNet), you data can be transferred for you, and while your account is suspended.


Hey hey hey, I bought my website on NOT iFastNet! Stop trying to promote me to buy iFastNet. I’ll buy where I please. Now, can I still get access to backup my website under suspension?

No. You cannot access your files while you are suspended, so no, you cannot backup your website while you are suspended.

I only mentioned iFasNet because they have the ability to migrate your site while it was suspended, not for any other reason.


This hosting is ___. If you keep getting more and more customers suspended. Ya’ll need to upgrade your servers for free users! Get your __ together!

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Also, note that this service is 100% free. You are not paying us anything, and this service is provided out of the goodness of Admin’s heart. If you don’t like it, fine. But pointing fingers and getting mad at a free service is not going to help anyone, including you.

I understand you are upset, but note that the terms of service (You agreed to them when you signed up) state that you are responsible for keeping a backup of your files. If you had such a backup, you would not have to wait for the un-suspension of your account.


Only iFastNet can upgrade their free hosting servers.

Lol, I bought my domain over at and it is I assumed ten times faster than iFastNet


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