Another Bogus EP Suspension / epiz_25072880

" Your free hosting account is suspended for reaching a daily resource limit. Please note that each free hosting account has daily CPU, hits, RAM, I/O, and Entry process limits. During each day we record all of these usage stats. It is quite normal for a website to utilise daily limits as PHP scripts do use alot of server resources, especially if you have multiple PHP scripts and websites in your free hosting account.

The daily limit you reached was your daily ep limit ."

This happened back-to-back several months ago, and proved to be IF’s issues. My site was receiving no more traffic than usual, but system errors on IF’s side consistently and wrongly flagged my acct for suspension due to false “ep limit” readings.

It appears to be happening again, since my site has no more traffic than usual, and 99.8% of my traffic is served by CF.

Can someone check / fix this and / or let me know how long I’m going to deal this garbage this time around?



It is very rare for a website to be suspended without a good reason.

Note that even if you have few visitors, the code on your website can still cause this limit to hit.

Most commonly, WordPress sites with lots of plugins (Or just a free resource intensive ones), and perhaps even a few themes (Or even just a resource intensive one) can cause this suspension.

What type of website do you have? And if it is WordPress, what plugins and themes are you using?


Nope, it’s not my coding, nor is it a WP site. As I said, last time around it was errors on InfinityFree’s side and had absolutely nothing to do with files being served from my site. I believe that must be what’s happening again, which is precisely why I framed my post and question around that previous problem.

So what is it then?

So where is the proof then? I don’t see any proof that this was InfinityFree’s fault. It could be / could have been InfinityFree’s fault, but most likely not.


It happened back when IF doubled a bunch of their limits on “free” accts and they apparently improperly set up some new servers. It happened to a bunch of accts, not just mine.

Listen, if you are just some random mod and can’t look into the issue, please do me the favor of leaving me alone. I don’t like wasting my time,

Please read out community guidelines before posting. I understand that you may be upset, but that is not a reason to violate our community rules.



I’m not upset, and what rules did I violate by kindly requesting you leave me alone if you can’t look into the issue?

Please respect my wishes and don’t bother me again.

Yes, Greenreader9 cannot look into the issue fully as this is only a community-driven forum. Please know we are only trying to help but you were not elaborating therefore we cannot help you.


How am I supposed to be able to elaborate, particularly when I wasn’t asked to? I was accused of lying (because I offered no proof? That seems to me a stupid question, given there is no physical way to offer proof, other than IF admitted the issue the last time. It’s not my fault a supposed ‘mod’ is unaware of IF’s recent issues with suspensions over false EP readings.). And I was accused by the same ‘mod’ of breaking forum rules simply because I nicely asked him to leave me alone. Had he mentioned his inability to look into the problem in the first place rather than hurl false accusations and insults, we wouldn’t have wasted our time on these pointless follow-up posts. And now he’s dragged you into it.

I HAVE elaborated by specifying this has happened before, when / how / why, to the best of my knowledge. I’m not lying, and I’m not being rude. I am, however, incredibly disappointed in the silliness of the results of one simple post. And I, therefore, give up on this point and this forum.

I am going to butt my head in here again. Do forgive me

You were not. I just asked for proof. Yes, in the past there was been incidences where it is our fault, its true. I do not see any proof that this is InfinityFree’s fault. I don’t see any proof this is your fault. I see no proof whatsoever. Therefore, I cannot accuse you of lying. I also cannot come to a conclusion as to why you were suspended.

Well the proof in that case would be the post that IF made admitting the mistake.

I would not consider it recent. Also, do note that I don’t get paid to be here. None of us do. I am a moderator because I earned it here, so I do take a bit of offence of your use of the word “supposed”.

And I do remember the issue now that you mention it. A lot of things happen here every week. It is hard to keep them straight, let alone remember each and every one of them and cross reference them to every post created. That would take forever.

I can look into the problem, just not the way you want me to. That is why I asked what your website was running. So I could check and see if such a script causes issues here. Please note that Admin can also not look into this problem the way you want someone to.

This is free hosting. Storage is valuable, and not a single user is paying for it. therefore, we just cannot keep logs for every website, we cannot track your usage over time, we can only track the final number.

I did not accuse you of anything, nor did I insult you purposefully. If you were insulted by one of my messages, I apologize, that was not my intent.

Ok, but the information you provided was not enough. Just because something happened before and we admitted to the fault, does not mean that we are still responsible this time. Yes, maybe your account is stuck with an older, lower limit, but maybe the script you are trying to run is just too intensive. Without knowing more information (Which I asked for in the last sentence of my firs reply), I cannot determine the real cause behind all of this.

Well sorry to hear that.

If you do want assistance, I am more than willing to give it to you. However I do require a bit more information that what you have already provided as explained above.


All these does not seem to sound very friendly

That was why Greenreader9 highlighted this

What you said could be true.
If more users are reporting such cases of “false” EP suspensions, Admin will have a strong case
to highlight it to iFastnet to look into the case

Until then, you wait to wait…


If you look at the graphs of your account, you see not only the Entry Process usage was up yesterday, but also the hits.

In the past, we had an issue with incorrect suspensions. But this was fixed. And you know this, because since that happened four months ago, your website hasn’t been suspended once until now.

And if I look at the number of EP suspensions in general, I don’t see any uptick. So if there would be an issue, it doesn’t affect many people.

So I see no reason to believe that this suspension is bogus. Your account got a traffic spike which caused your account’s usage to jump up, which hit a limit and caused a suspension. That’s how our limits and suspensions are supposed to work.

If I were you, I would just have patience until the account is reactivated, and leave it at that for now. If this was a once off traffic spike, your account won’t be suspended again. If suspension are becoming more frequent, then it’s time to take steps.


Thanks, ADMIN!

Finally, an answer to my Q, not replies which have no bearing on my request for those with current info and ability to inquire / respond.

My Cloudflare and Logflare logs/charts do not correspond whatsoever with the EP chart seen in my account view: My I-Free charts showed the supposed EP spike two mornings back, just as they falsely charted them back in the original problem from months ago.

From my experiences during the last false-positive suspensions, yesterday’s situation was an exact duplicate on my side: IF chart showing an apparent non-existent EP incident, and CloudFlare charts showing no such corresponding activity.

That is precisely why I framed my post the way I did. I wanted someone WHO COULD to check on another likely false-poz scenario. I still believe that’s what happened and, if nothing else, my post was an alert that something similar to what occured a few months back may be happening again.

I did not want or ask for others to come on and accuse me of lying or being rude. Far from it, I appreciate the service GREATLY. As for my use of the word, ‘garbage’, that is from my personal lexicon from when I think it may be a general issue rather than specific. It was not meant as any sort of insult, it’s my synonym for “red herring”, “waste of time”, big glitch", etc. In other words, I was pretty certain that others would be seeing false suspensions as before. I’m also sorry for jumping to that conclusion…

But from the information I can see of my account during such a predicament, this last instance of suspension mirrored EXACTLY what I saw during the last such event.

Admin, I hope what I’m saying makes sense- what I saw yesterday was, from my POV, an exact replication of the false suspensions I endured months ago. Same EP chart with a spike. Same non-incident, according to CF and my Logflare add-ons. (I added Logflare during the last incident). That’s why I addressed my post directly to someone with access and knowledge of what I was specifically referencing.

I thought I’d made myself clear enough, yet this thread proves something went wrong.

I can’t see what happens on the other side of Cloudflare, I can only see what happens on our servers. And if you check the Account Statistics, you’ll see that we recorded about 3 times as many hits as usual, and a bump in CPU usage as well, in addition to a spike in EP usage.

I don’t know why Cloudflare shows something different. Maybe their cache didn’t work as well this time causing more traffic to the backend servers, maybe someone attacked your site directly on the origin IP, maybe there is another domain on your account that caused the usage other than your primary domain.

All I can see is what we record on our side, which does not show any signs of this being a false positive.

I can see how from the data you have it makes sense to suspect a false positive and I based on your experience I can’t blame you for your suspicion.


Just lettin’ you know, the tools I see from my side of IF match exactly what I saw before: No outside spike from any other tools I use, yet suddenly a spike only within IF.

No sweat, thanks for replying.

Let it go as an anomaly. I have.

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