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Your email address was identified to be a disposable email. You cannot sign up with a disposable email address. A valid email address is required to receive important status updates regarding your account.

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I want to sign in with AnonAddy, and it thinks it’s disposable, which it isn’t. I have a totally legit account that I had since almost 3 years. I know you can turn it off, but I obviously would because of spam, and that’s it.

We don’t accept those types of email addresses here due to weak protection be the email provider.

Please signup and use a Gmail or other trusted provider instead.



I see the reason for poor protection. People can make unlimited emails, so IF blocks it.

Correct. Using multiple emails is in violation of our terms anyway, so blocking these provider just makes it easier.


Yep, this is the reason. AnonAddy isn’t disposable as in self destructing after X minutes, but it does make it really easy to create a large number of accounts and discard the addresses afterwards. So it’s not necessarily disposable, but can be easily used as such.

Many systems and lists consider AnonAddy and similar services to be “disposable” for this reason.


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