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Hello, I remember earlier you had Angular File Manager. The question is not about hosting, but I do not know who to ask. I am currently working with this file Manager, but most of the functions are not available, gives the error “This action is not available in the demo” you worked with him, do not know how to fix it?

I apologize for mixing in the topic because I guess you need an admin, but :smile:

probably because you use a demo
project is abandoned (plus instructions how to install)

it’s better for you to use a better and smarter option

P.S. I hope your question and actions are not related to paragraph 10.
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No, the script is hosted on another hosting. And where then can I get the full version of angular file manager?

at the link I gave (GitHub)


if you did so and got DEMO then I do not know :zipper_mouth_face:

if that another hosting company have Softaculous
you can install Monsta FTP (but you do not want to do it)

The angular-filemanager on GitHub is just the visual frontend. It has to be combined with a backend service which can actually managing the files. The code owner provides some sample snippets in PHP, which you can use to interact with files. But we built our own backend service to work more closely with the free hosting system.

And no, our code is not publicly available.

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