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This page isn’t sending pageview hits to Google Analytics property (Redacted) configured for this experiment. You won’t be able to measure usage of your site or monitor performance of Optimize experiments. Make sure that your Analytics tracking code (either analytics.js or gtag.js ) is set up correctly.

Other Information

Hi, i’m experimenting site kit by connecting all services possible (except AdSense maybe). But when I try to run Optimize, I have an error on Optimize installation with above error, And i configure Optimize and Analytics tags in Tag Manager.

Any help will be appreciated :smiley:

Have you installed the Analytics Plugin to ensure it’s properly installed and setup?

I setup Analytics through Site Kit too, and it’s connected

I have a doubt that it filters out the Site Admin’s Visits. If you think you have traffic on your website I think it make take a while to show up.


Also Make sure you have linked everything on Google Analytics website. Check The Bell Icon if anything needs setup.

Screenshot from 2021-01-10 20-01-01

Is IP filter really important? I think not.

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