An image and link not working

I am having issues with the following, on the link above the image on the left does not go to the page linked but everything is correct and it works in Dreamweaver and the far right image doesn’t show but it is correct and works in Dreamweaver, the files are uploaded correctly so should work

This image does not exist

Did you mean to link this image instead?

Thank you for the reply but both the image and the page I mention do exist I am looking right at the files that were uploaded with the rest of the site and as I said the site works perfectly in Dreamweaver preview

the issue is the capitalization in the image filename

in your page you have

<div class="p-item grid-sizer"><a class="venobox" href="images/"><p><a href="cbdhairserum.html">
				<img src="images/Hair Serum.jpg" alt="CBD Hair Serum"/></a></div>

you have “Hair Serum.jpg” as the file name but the image file name is actually “Hair serum.jpg”

its serum not Serum and this is the problem, fix the link and clear your browser cache and all will be fine :+1:


Thank you so much for resolving this, I would never of noticed that. Strangely now the muscle balm page apears too and I did nothing to correct that. the only thing I did was correct the capital s

Much appreciated

no worries

its an easy thing to miss and sometimes you need another pair of eyes to spot it



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