Am I able to make a website like Roblox?

I was wondering if I could make a website like Roblox and client authentication on a free plan?
Why a free plan? I just know it the ads won’t cut it with 5 cents per month

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I’m not sure what you mean? :thinking: could you specify more?

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Authentication could be handled by an external service.
You could literally use google’s recaptcha instead (I’m doing that).

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I can host the gameservers myself, but how would I be able to make a site with the authentication stuff?

You could use Google ReCaptcha to verify that people are humans not robots, but I think you are wanting a login/signup page with profiles and customizable settings (Like character) for each user…

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Sure sure. You can use PHP and MySQL databases for the auth.

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I first would need a game engine, then a website and then i meant if people join game to check if they even are logged in and if they are what character they have and etc…

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Possibly Unity? I’m not sure how you would turn this into a multiplier web game with people that are actually logged in and have there own unique profile.

Would you embed the game or somehow have the game built into the website? (Like an HTML5 game)

That’s what I thought, I have no clue how you would even begin (besides asking others and research)

Best of luck!

It would definitely take a lot of work You should probably get a group of people and also I don’t think you should copy almost every feature because of copyright issues.

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im probably gonna do some games myself yk i dont want it to turn something big tho

thats what im thinking if i did do something similar i’d definitely need to change a ton of stuff

plus i’d still have to pay cuz you know freenom takes domains away after it becomes successful

ill probably make a minecraft server i dont even wanna know how much work and time would go down the drain if the project fails so yeah

Not sure if you have ever played ROBLOX but basically a button launches the game engine within the ROBLOX website itself so that’s what he means by the game engine.

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i think an mc server would be much easier at this point since like if it turns bigger you know there’s much more to do and yeah it would turn into a failure

I played once about a year ago, but that does seam correct. That makes more sense about the game engine than.

This is so true, you have to make a system to create user accounts, profiles, and you have to make games to put on it.

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I agree making a ROBLOX based game would take way too much time and if it fails all that time would be gone.

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im gonna get a new internet packet so yeah ill be able to host low-lag servers myself but then the 24/7 problem and right now im seeking on fmcs i have a starter plan there (24/7) so yeah

Although yes, it probably is possible, its not a smart idea to make something like that on Free Hosting. The Roblox system is extremely complicated and requires a lot of knowledge to replicate.

So if your prepared to build multiple security systems that handle Website Authentication as well as communcation with the game its self, then yes its possible. Its not as simple as just making a login and signup like you could on any other website.


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