Allowing hot-linking pics in sub-domain on main domain pages?

Weird suggestion maybe?
I was visiting one of this host sites and i noticed a thing. The site had its own domain and it had a broken image on top.

I tried to visit the picture and it gave me a fine picture from a sub-domain of same site. It was saying that pic cannot hot linked. I know it is due the security system but I think it is okay that hot-link in sub-domain works on main domain one?

for example pictures in can hot-linked on instead of being broken.

Even though the protection prevent abuse, it block many useful features.
For example bot protection, I even can not validate my HTML page because of that.
& it also block Google bot. Not good for SEO. Your page won’t be indexed by Google search engine.

I don’t know whether the InfinityFree staff can change these tiny feature.

it works on discord? (last one has seo)

For validation (if Cloudflare is not used) direct input should be used

of course it would be good if W3C validator was allowed/whitelisted (
but it’s an ifastnet thing :grimacing:

Google bot is not blocked.


Why. It will, It just takes a bit more to apply for indexing by google.


I know I can use the input feature from validator. But I usually use URL for simplify. :grin:

Oh, I though Google bot is blocked too.


It is also blacklisted. i wish :C

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