Alloting a free domain name

I accidentally deleted my free domain name. Right now my account has no any domain name, custom or subdomain, and hence I can’t access my website.
I tried alloting new custom domain (which I already have) and subdomain. But it creates a new folder named with the new domain with separate htdocs folder in it. This new domain has /newdomain/htdocs as document root.
I just want to allot new domain name to my default htdocs so that it has /htdocs as document root.
Any help is appreciated.

I also tried parking domain. But it is useless as it needsat least one domain to park to.

You have to shift the files from /htdocs to newdomain/htdocs.
You also have to update config files and database(s) accordingly
If you find it too troublesome, just create a new hosting account with the new domain.
It should start from /htdocs


Thanks for the reply.
Option 1. I find it too complicated. But do we have any tutorial or documentation on how we can update config and databases?
Option 2. In that case, I still have to upload my old htdocs folder to the new one. Its quite time consuming. I already tried that and unfortunately it didn’t work.

Well, upgrade to premium hosting. They will do it for you


What did not work?


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