All websites down!

all websites down! any idea anyone how and when services get restored?

Please provide more info.
I do not see any issue so far


I can confirm that the site was down for about 20 minutes. It happened when I signed in and wrote a blog. My site disappeared completely; a search cannot find it. As soon as I logged in to hosting, it appeared again. It works very well now, but I was really freaked out during the blackout.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I see no evidence of any large scale outage.

Also, can I just say how useless your message is? “All websites are down” or “the site is down” gives us zero information. Because either we know what’s going on, which means there is an announcement with more information already (which you should be reading instead of asking for the same information that XX people have already asked before). Or we don’t, in which case your message provide zero usable information to help diagnose the issue.

Next time, if you experience an issue like this again, then please be specific. This includes AT THE VERY MINIMUM the following information:

  • The URL(s) of the site(s) that are affected.
  • What you see when you try to access the site.
    • Especially any error messages and error codes. No server I know will tell you “the website is down”, so saying “my website is down” is your conclusion, not your observation. We need to know what you see, not what you think it means.
  • Are there other sites that are not affected.
  • Since when do you experience this issue.

My guess is that the websites of @anon9886900 and @TrustF were on the IP, which experienced a short half hour outage about when the OP posted.

Those experiencing the issue, note that only a very small percentage of sites were down during the outage, not anywhere near all of them. Please follow Admins reply above when your site goes down in the future.



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