All website files missing

Recently, our website experienced a suspension due to the “MySQL Overload” limit. That was already fixed and we regained access to our account. The new issue is the following: there are literally no files or folders on the website. I checked out the cPanel’s File Manager, File Explorer FTP, and FileZilla, and it turns out that even the htdocs folder(s) is/are missing. Meaning that modifying or accessing the website is impossible.

I tried creating a htdocs folder, but it said that I am not allowed to. Here are some screenshots:

My questions is: what do I do now? Is there any ways to get the website files back? If not, then at least how do I upload them again?

My account username: epiz_31258535
Website domain:

Can you try accessing your files with FileZilla? The error may be just with the file manager.


I did check on FileZilla as well. It’s empty.

I also get this:

Yes, that’s nothing to worry about. The servers are set up to close the connection quickly.

As for the files being gone, I would remove the domain from Addon Domains and create a new hosting account and add it back there.


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