All web pages return http 500 not sure why

Then can you explain what connection you have to IONIS as I am not threatening you but explaining clearly what I am going to do should you not be able to resolve this amicably . I don’t think you have been reasonable at all pretending to help me recode my site to your new use of SQL all along deciding to block my access to your SQL services when they was in place working is not what I feel is reasonable. And please do not disagree on this word “block” the database resource clearly shows when this block was put in place and cannot be disputed . it is also note the date inferred by your @admin Ensuring only web browsers can access your website which it is stated clearly upon it [Aug '21] I also to note your terms [Terms of Service - InfinityFree] do not under any section give you the right to interfere with my communication directly to my website something is manifestly obvious which has been done to me. As you are then breaching these terms as it is not clearly outlined you will do this can you please indicate when your terms will be rewritten or this block on my service removed.