All web pages return http 500 not sure why

Furthermore if its working as it should by designed! what happened 28th November 2022 when you seem to be stating in round about way you placed a filter to block my device traffic from anything other than a browser. Have you not then been wasting my time being compromised with the truth in this matter rather than direct and easily to understand? Your indicated reason for this failure Ensuring only web browsers can access your website allegedly came in 1st of August 2022 so then why did this not effect any service until 28th Novembers 2022 . I fact you are well i was coding through this on my site and on your forum . You seem to have deprived me of this information from the start wasting my recourses . Is this now an webhost company such as IONIS should operate to wards its customers? f as you have the reason above . Can you inform me how FTP packages get through this as clearly they are not browsers either . It does not seem reasonable or genuine what you are suggesting then and more likely you have placed a filter to block this access with this filter whilst informing me how to ensure my code worked properly.