All Pages are redirecting to Infinity free 404 page

All of the subpages of the website I created are redirecting to 404 page, is there anyway to fix this?

Since you did not provide any info, you likely need to read this to fix it yourself


Hello, I did something bad on my code that causes the databases to overload:

[user ‘----’ has exceeded the ‘max_queries_per_hour’ resource (current value: 100000)]

and based on what I search I waited for this to be fixed, but when the website is working again all the subpages are redirecting to 404 except the homepage.

I already read that article and check all the file it still there.

I also tried to create new pages but still it redirects to 404

I dont know what to.

oh nvm, this is now fixed I resave the permalink and now all is working fine


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