All of the limits on InfinityFree and what they mean

  • Upload Limit
    The amount of data that can be within a file

  • I / O limit
    The amount of .php files that can be ran

  • Inodes Limit
    The amount of files and directories that can be within your hosting account

  • Entry Process Limit
    The amount of PHP scripts that can run

  • Hits Limit
    The amount of files that can be requested in 1 day

  • CPU Limit

  • Bandwidth Limit
    This is :infinity:, so don’t worry

  • Disk limit
    This is :infinity:, so don’t worry

EDIT: I know these are on the knowledgebase (, i just compiled them here for your convienience


This is what the KB is for…

i just compiled them here for convenience

something is missing, namely the i / o limit

Okay,will add

I’m going to repeat what the Admin said a few months ago. If all the issues are listed here, then the KB becomes pointless.


it is helpful to have them on one place

So why are you making a second place then? :joy:


this is the one place
on kb u need to click onto new articles constantly

Its not really convenient if all your doing is giving a 2-6 word explanation with no proper details … lol

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it is still a bit helpful

I disagree.

it is helpful for those who dont have time to read lots


:infinity: is a concept, not a number (NaN).

Not only that, but nothing is infinite in this universe (even the universe).

Although, a great astronomer once did say:

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity.

I’m not sure about the universe…


I mean, human is basically an animal species but with an improved brain system. So It isn’t really unexpected.

Anyway I’ll lock this topic because of OP’s request.