All of my websites gone offline!

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: all of my website sub-domains are offline

I’m using this software: InfinityFree

Additional information: no more!

what were your subdomains? are you able to recreate them again?

But they’re online? :neutral_face:

i can give you screen shots of them.

I checked all your subdomains and they still work fine for me. If they won’t work, it may be because of your Internet connection, or due to your DNS. Try to change your DNS to by following one of the guides present for your operating system, or wait some time until the connection works fine to you.

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do it

Don’t believe me? Watch these:

i cannot access cuz my internet loads poorly (few html tags) so i cannot get a SS from it.


Man we do not joke at fatal issues. which sub-domain?

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I screenshotted the missing subdomain that is the last piece of the puzzle. Here is the picture:

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what is your phone type???, I need to fix that glitch

My temporary phone is a Wiko View XL, with a 5.9 inches HD+ display (it is an Android phone, BTW).

thx for that, it’s important to solve that problem for my website

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