All of my subdomains go to

My website URL

What I’m seeing is: whenever I open a subdomain of my website or other files in the main domain I get redacted to or
(like or

I’m using this software: InfinityFree free hosting

Additional information: this happened to me today

NOTE: please fix this I’ve got a lot of homeworks to do!

Bad to know. but these cannot reactivated for 24 hours :frowning:

It is against the sponsor rules if tat activates quickly.


My account is Suspended!!!
Admin please help

24 HOURS!, I’ve been working on my project for school for a few weeks and in 2 days it will be my turn to show my project, please admin, help me!

Help yourself! Please check the client area for information about why your account was suspended, and what you can do to get back.

Spoiler: asking for help on the forum is not the way to get your account back.


will, very funny, That won’t help me, they’re telling me to buy the premium plan to get my account back although My account storage isn’t full.

Did you actually read the messages you received from the account review staff? I just read those messages, and they don’t match at all what you’ve been saying here.

No, they didn’t.

They first told you they would not reactivate your account, period. And then they asked you for more information. At no point did they say you would need to upgrade.

Yes, there are premium hosting ads in the tickets. That’s normal. Those are always there, regardless of the content. The presence of ads does not mean that making use of those offers will reactivate your account, let alone that it’s the only way to do so.

You know that. I know that. The support agent knows that. The support agent also clearly told you why your account was suspended. Please read it again.

Spoiler: it has nothing to do with resource usage, including disk space.

The support agent is still waiting on an answer from you. Maybe you could try to answer the support staff instead of post here? Because again, posting here will not get your account reactivated.


Not in the message, in the text of the website, don’t lie

Then why would the cpanel tell me that I can’t do anything becuse maybe my space if full or my account is Suspended

Well my domain ( was marked as spam by google then I solved the problem and there very old detecting system detected that my website is spam after I solved the problem

and what I saw wan’t an ad :angry:

and thanks to your hosting service I failed in school :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

And what’s it with the “Spoiler” thing?

From where I stand, you did not fail school because of our hosting, but because of your own negligence. What I can see you could have done differently is:

  • Make sure you always have backups. A hosting service can fail for many reasons. These reasons can be technical or human, and can be accidental or intentional. If your website is important to you, you should have a copy of your website contents stored somewhere else (like your own computer or a cloud storage service).
  • If your hosting company instructs you to submit a ticket to get your account back, submit a ticket to get your account back, and communicate through that channel. Don’t ignore the main procedure and go through other channels and demand better results.
  • If you ask a question or make a request, don’t automatically assume the answer will be what you would like it to be.
  • If an answer isn’t what you wanted it to be, you may need to provide additional information, or ask additional questions, to get a more satisfactory answer. Repeating the same questions or requests through other channels may not lead to different results.
  • If staff asks you a question to provide more information, answer that question. Again, don’t assume the response will be what you hoped it would be, and don’t repeat the same request again hoped to get around it.

Just to be clear: we have not refused your request to get your account reactivated. As far as we are concerned, your account is still under review.

All we want to make sure is that the websites we are hosting are safe. We had good reason to believe your website might not be, so we took your site down as a precaution pending review. Sometimes, our suspicions are invalid, and we reactivate the website. Sometimes, this is obvious to our eyes and we’ll reactivate your account right away. Sometimes, this is not so obvious, and we need further information. Usually, people either don’t care enough to continue the discussion, or provide the information we need to make a well informed judgement. Either way, the internet is a safer place.

So if we ask you a question and you don’t respond to it, we assume that you don’t care about the account.

If you start submitting the same request in multiple places, and don’t respond for TEN WHOLE DAYS, only to come back here and say we screwed you over, I find it very hard to find sympathy for your case.


negligence???, I have my project files but I can’t use my domain on other account to host my project

I’m sorry, I assumed that you also lost your website files. I’ve had to hand in school exercises as well, but I just had to hand in the source code, not a link to where the website could be viewed. I assumed this was the case for you as well, and that you failed your class because you could not hand in the code. My bad, I didn’t know.

But what difference does it make?

When we take down a website because we suspect it may be harmful, we try to make sure this website won’t come back for a while. After all, what is the point of suspending a scam page if the scammer can just get the website back up and running on another account within minutes?

The only way you can host this domain with us again is if the account review staff reactivates your account. Posting here and saying that we caused you harm will not get you your account back. And I can assure you that there probably aren’t any workarounds to get around the suspension. We do our best to make that impossible.

So open the ticket, talk to staff, answer their questions and try to convince them your website is safe. We’re happy to work with you if your website is safe, but you have to work with us as well.


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