All my pages except index.php do the 404 error

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

I don’t have any written error, but all my pages except index.php redirect to the 404 error page, in local, I don’t ave this problem.

Please provide more info.
What is the url?
Can you screenshot your file directory structure?


Hello, here is


Likely due to this

Can you comment out this statement for a start



This line may redirect to public folder at the base of the site. without, I need to move all the files

I think there are three reasons why it doesn’t work

Based on what I saw before your new hosting changes
I will mention only one (some have already been mentioned)

One of them is that sometimes it is necessary to specify the extension of the file being called
means example.php

not just a href = example>

you probably had some form of pretty urls that didn’t work for XY reasons

Apart from that, everything in the htdocs folder is public (available to everyone online)

unless you hide it with .htaccess file.

In addition, you now have a problem with the redirection loop in public dir


I would suggest trying this .htaccess code instead (and removing all the rules you’ve tried yourself):

Looking at the code:

  • RewriteBase doesn’t do what you think it does, and I would suggest removing it entirely.
  • The RewriteRule you do have only makes it so that URLs going from /public/something go to something. Which is fine if you want to prevent people from accessing the public folder directly, but doesn’t help ensure that accessing the URL /something.php will load the files from /public/something.php.

Hey, I tried to set all my base files in the htdocs folder, without the .htaccess settings that I wrote before, and when I go to another page ( for example ), it is does again the 404’ error

You don’t need to set anything to the /htdocs folder, that is already done by default


@CrafterHide are you sure that shop.php exists on root?
check again with your FTP client


The page shop est just an example, all the others page does that too.

I just tested with an html file, and it loads, while all my php files are not loading

I opened the Network tab in the Developer Tools menu in my browser and tried to open the page.

In it, I see the URL loads, but responds with a redirect to Because there is no file or directory named “shop” and no .htaccess rules to rewrite it, the server responds with a 404 not found error.

So the server seems to be working fine, but your code does not.


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