All my accounts got suspended

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Hi, untill yesterday i had 3 online accounts and disabled, due to an error all my accounts got suspended, all of them got reenabled but i went with 4/3 active accounts and all of them got suspended, can I get back my three accounts and the one that was disabled will be deleted? I really need these accounts and I never tried to brake the rules, it was all a big error.

You probably won’t be able to get back any of your accounts. Hope you can take this as a lesson.

How can it be a lesson? It was a bug, i never tried to have 4/3 active accounts

But you still did, and this is all that matters to iFastNet. They probably think you were trying to abuse the service, even if you weren’t. Sorry!

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They litteraly sayed it was a their error “It appears your website was incorrectly detected as abuse by our anti fraud systems.”

Bruh, max account an account = 3. Yours = 4/3. Which is abuse as for iFastNet. You wont get your website back.

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It wasn’t my fault and I got 2 of them back

update: I made a ticket for every website and asked for help, I got back all my websites.


Just so everyone knows. Having 4 accounts is not the end of the world. Such a thing is forgiven by iFastNet, especially if the 4th account is created while others are suspended.


Don’t worry about the 4/3 accounts. If you deactivate one account, then create a new account, and then all your accounts are suspended, then the account that was deactivated is also suspended. Deactivated accounts are not counted in the client area as an active account, but suspended accounts are. So that’s how you can end up with 4/3 “active” accounts.


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