All in one wp migration missing database using addon domain

The main page comes up fine.

All pages it was linked to internally gave me a 404 error. Then I got a database connection error.

I’m using All in One WP Migration and this is an Add On Domain. I’ve used the plugin with two other sites that were not addon domains and it worked great. Is there something extra I have to do to get WP Migration to work with an ADD on Domain?


In general, we recommend against using any and all backup/restore/migration plugins. The issues you’re having are par for the course, they are very likely to crash and leave you with a corrupted site.

If you want to move your website, both our recommendation and the recommendation from WordPress itself is to just move the files and databases directly, instead of trying to transplant the data between sites.

The internal links are broken because your website’s .htaccess file is empty. You can find the .htaccess file for your website in the file manager, and which content to use can be obtained from WordPress directly:

That said, if you still have access to your previous hosting, you may want to just erase this installation and migrate the site using the recommended approach, as there is no way to know what else is broken due to the migration.


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