All iFastNet services (free and premium) down last night

Last night, an outage occurred that brought down all iFastNet’s services. This includes all free hosting services, including all websites, FTP, the control panel, but also all premium services.

The services went down around 23:00 UTC.

This was caused by a full network outage at the datacenter hosting iFastNet’s infrastructure. Yesterday afternoon, the primary network connection already failed, and traffic was rerouted over the backup link. But the backup link failed last night, resulting in the whole datacenter being unavailable. This outage is believed to be caused by a problem with the physical fibre cable or the related hardware.

Around 3:00 UTC, the primary network link was restored and restored connectivity to the datacenter, brining all services back online.

Fibre issues do happen and can happen to anyone, which is why the datacenter had redundant connections. But there is an extemely small chance that the primary and backup link can fail at the same time. Most network providers ever experience such an issue in their entire career, so this is an extremely extraordinary situation.


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Good speech! ty! Now can you also throw some light if and when paid devotees get reimbursed. :money_mouth_face:

We’re not going to pay people for using free hosting.

We do our best to provide a good, reliable service, but our services will likely always be provided as-is without warranty.

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I think he/she/they means that when will premium hosting users get reimbursed, not free users.


It was during this time that my sebsite supposedly hit its IO limit - could this outage protemtially had a knockon affect that caused the unusual behaviour that ulimtately locked my domain for 24 hours?

The outage probably had an effect on your website after it came back online. Your website may have tried to do so many things at once that it got itself suspended. I have not been affected by this besides my site being down for a few hours.

Yes, I don’t want my website to go down at all :smiley: But your comment doesn’t make sense. If it did a lot of things once the suspension was lifted - fair enough (but it wasn’t suspended again)…

The suspension came before “it did loads of things after the suspension was lifted”… it wasn’t suspended again, btw.

I don’t see how that could work. The network connections to the datacenter were severed. Our servers ran just fine, but no traffic was coming in. I don’t see how this could have any lasting effects on your website, except for the fact that it could not receive any traffic during the outage.

There is no knockon effect on the server when the server wasn’t knocked in the first place.

It’s getting even worse…