All files named "configure.php" are not working normally

I found a problem in using all the files named “configure.php”.
It seems that all the files named “configure.php” cannot be read and cannot be written.
Here are two examples with the same code:
This is noraml:
This is abnormal:
Could some one please tell me how to fix it?

Writing the files seems to be working normally. However, it does seem that reading the files through a browser doesn’t work.

I’m not 100% sure, but I would guess that this is an intentional security measure enforced on the hosting platform. After all, files like config.php and configure.php are usually used to store configuration values, and if one particular script exposed sensitive data this way and caused many sites to be hacked, that would be reason for us to take action.


Thank you for your reply.
But some projects I create need to directly access “configure. PHP”. Is there any way to remove this restriction?

Sadly, no. Control over security rules is only available on premium hosting.

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