All files deleted for no reason?

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Went to my site today, only to find all of the files gone from the server? I have backups, but they’re from an older version, so this is quite frustrating. What happened? I should mention: I didn’t even log in to this account in the last few months. I wouldn’t voluntarily remove my own files.

Is anyone else experiencing this as well? And if so, any way to restore it? Thanks in advance!

Also any banned keywords, such as chat, any type of adult/malicious content.

Was it deleted? Months

My site has gone down within the past 10 minutes also with error 403 with no files in sight. This is reproducible by me. Haven’t touched Infinityfree in around 11 months since I originally created the site.


@Picklemaniac @ECoops123 It looks like the server might be down right now, please have patience.

Can you both please share the IP your account has been assigned? Thanks!


Down for me too … We have to wait I suppose

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@Picklemaniac @ECoops123 @pierrem Can you please share a website IP address. Please use the one that can be found in the client area.


same error on my page and all my files are deleted*
site: would be the site IP for me.


i have same problem.
my ip :


my website ip:

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Guys, what happened? My site which was active until a few hours ago and it is not opening right now. I haven’t made any changes for a long time. Will this be fixed?

Admin please solve this problem :confused: ! (epiz_26709429) (


We do not currently know. Maybe Admin can advise this topic.

This is exactly what others have been describing as well.

I strongly hope so!


I believe admin will help us as soon as possible at least I hope :sweat_smile:.I applied a program, they will definitely check my site :confused:

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I hope my files will come back as before, otherwise I will be punished for not getting a backup ;/

Same problem this is my IP :

My problem is solved thanks. infinityfree :grinning: :smiley:

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Username - epiz_26636839

Error Message
You don’t have permission to access /admin/index.php on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Other Information
Dear Infinity Free support, I can’t access my site or my site files. A while ago I tried to access the hosting center, but I can’t find any of my files. Please reply very quickly because it is a big problem and my clients could not reach my site.

i also didn’t have backup

epiz_23180237 doesn’t work