All credentials are correct but cannot connect to database

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message is currently unable to handle this request.


Other Information

Whenever I or a user tries to signup it goes to

But i have checked and the connection to the databse is good, and it works locally for me so what could the issue be? Is it that the redirect on success/failure causes it to not work, do you guys not allow redirects to other pages?

your site works for me try to flush your dns cache and try again

if still not works consider reading this


Ill read the article you linked below in a second but did you try creating an account? The signup page loads fine, its when you click signup and get sent to the signup.php backend page that it stops, you can see in the url it goes to accounting/signup.php but it stops and never redirects back to signup.php

So I am following that article but whenever i try to switch my php errors to display it gives me an error, guess this setting doesnt work?

Alright, I found another post asking about the Alter PHP not working and it had a solution with .htaccess, I have figured out it was a simple not capitalized letter requiring the database, thanks for the help!

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