All accounts suspended for apparently no reason

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

All my 5 accounts got suspended (even though only 2 were active):
epiz_27922218 (not active)
epiz_27924529 (not active)
epiz_27930057 (not active)
epiz_27955821 (active)
epiz_27983669 (active)

Other Information

Please unsuspend my accounts, or tell me why they were suspended. Maybe it was a bug tho, since I went back to the client area and all accounts showed up as active and suspended.

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for apparently no reason

Please create a support ticket through client area as you are flagged as abuse (as probably there’re something which has triggered the security check)


Wait, how can you tell what they are suspended for?

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If you have multiple accounts and one of them is suspended, then that account is suspended for reaching out a limit. But when the type of suspension is triggering the security checker, The suspension will be done on the user account which will close all of your website accounts. (to prevent scam if there’s any)

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I did. By the way, the accounts that were active got unsuspended. But the inactive ones are still suspended. Don’t really care about them tho.

Oh, and btw because the deactivated accounts are suspended it won’t let me create any more accounts because it shows up as 5 activated accounts out of 3.

Ask them to reactivate, then deactivate them again.


the same way you created the tickets, yes.

Nvm they’re back up.

They just got terminated again. wtf

Do not upload the file again if they want you to remove that file


Now they just unsuspended my account, but removed the file. I want to ask them if they have a backup but since the unsuspended all my accounts, I can’t contact support anymore.

Also, the file was a page complaining about YouTube taking down PewDiePie’s disstrack on Cocomelon. HOW IS THAT AGAINST GUIDELINES?

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